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integrated ECG and respiratory effort sensors paint a high-resolution picture of health status.

About eShirt®

eShirt by Medical Design Solutions is a wireless, wearable health system or “smart garment” that continuously monitors and transmits vital sign data – heart rate, ECG, respiratory rate, respiratory effort, temperature, posture and activity – to create a detailed picture of health status at all times and from all places. Lightweight and virtually undetectable under normal street clothes, it connects people simply, comfortably, and very affordably to medical professionals and to those they love – from where they love to be – for a healthier, higher quality life.

We face a potential “perfect storm” in healthcare: a growing shortfall in the number of nurses and primary care physicians needed to care for a rapidly aging population that is also coping with increasing rates of chronic disease. In addition, while all of us can now expect to live longer, we are often more concerned with the quality than the length of our lives. When polled, 82% of seniors expressed a desire to age in place, and to remain connected to the people and places that give their lives meaning.

The eShirt System offers one solution to these complex challenges. By providing a detailed and accurate picture of a patient’s health status from anywhere and at all times, eShirt expands the reach of physicians and nurses while addressing the desire of patients to feel both connected and independent.

We are currently seeking partners to help us bring eShirt to market and to help us light the path to a new model of care. If you would like to help us realize our vision, or simply want to learn more, please contact us using the form below.

Important: This product is not yet available for sale and has not received FDA 510(k) clearance.

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About Medical Design Solutions

 In addition to innovating eShirt, the team at Medical Design Solutions  designs and develops complex, highly precise miniaturized sensors and systems for medical device manufacturing partners.

We leverage over thirty years of  engineering and manufacturing experience in the medical electronics industry to help OEMs build smaller, less-invasive (and non-invasive) medical devices, and to connect those devices to medical professionals anywhere and any time using wireless technologies.

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