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Wireless, wearable health insights from wherever you love to be.


Follow Your Heart
eShirt goes beyond just heart rate with a complete 2- or 3-lead ECG


Track Your Breathing
with sophisticated sensors that detect breath rate and effort


Know Where You Stand
or walk or sit: eShirt monitors body position, temperature, activity level and calories burned


See the Big Picture
WiCis® software combines and analyzes vital sign data for a clear picture of overall health status


Stay Connected…
with your family, your doctor or whomever you choose using any smart device


…from Anywhere
thanks to wireless technology that gives you everywhere health status

Well. Connected.

eShirt connects people simply, comfortably and affordably to medical professionals and to those they love for a healthier, safer and more independent life.


About eShirt

How the eShirt® System Works

How the eShirt® System Works

While eShirt® is worn under your regular clothes, the ePort® collects vital sign data from integrated sensors and sends it via Bluetooth to your smart phone (or wireless router.)

Your phone sends your health information to the internet automatically and securely, where it’s collected and analyzed by WiCis® mHealth software.

You and whomever you designate –loved ones, your doctor, a home health nurse – can view and monitor your health status from any device using any operating system.

If your vital signs fall outside of expected ranges, the system generates an alert, and your caregivers can check in with you and arrange for assistance, if needed.

Important: This product is not yet available for sale and has not received FDA 510(k) clearance.

Well. Aware.

eShirt continuously monitors and transmits vital sign data to create a detailed picture of health status at any time, from anywhere.

High Tech. High Quality. Highly Affordable.

Under Where?
Designed to be worn under your regular clothes, eShirt fits like your favorite undergarment


Soft and Moisture Wicking
technical fabric keeps you cool, dry and chafe-free


 Machine Washable
and quick drying, eShirt is easy-care and durable


Smart, inconspicuous sensors.

Full ECG + a host of other sensors
so sleekly integrated you’ll probably forget they’re there.


Men’s and Women’s Versions
and sizes small through double extra-large to make sure your eShirt fits just right.

Well. Informed.

Doctors, nurses and home healthcare professionals can view their patients’ health information remotely, and can intervene if health status changes.

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Dr. Wendy.
Wife, daughter, mom of 2.
Primary care physician.
Multi-generational caregiver.

Any device. Any OS.

Any device. Any OS.

View vital sign data from any smart device and any operating system: iOS, Android, and the Apple Health app.

Well. Designed.

We’re integrating our most advanced innovations into eShirt to help millions of people around the world feel more healthy, more secure, more independent, and more deeply connected to each other.


The eShirt Team


Lighting a path towards a new model of care.

Well. Ahead.

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